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Retail Store Manager

Reference PE002437/LS
Location Gauteng, Randburg
Salary Interval Monthly
Package None-negotiable
Description Our national client, operating in the retail space, is seeking to employ an experienced Retail Store Manager for their store based in the Cresta Shopping Centre in Randburg.

A wonderful career opportunity awaits you.

  • Must have a grade 12.
  • Experience – Minimum 5 years as a Retail Manager.
  • Computer skills in Excel.
Responsibilities and expectations but not limited to:
Knowledge of the Product:
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the staff, including yourself, is knowledgeable regarding all the products that we sell. These products will range from products that are our in-house products, through to products that are sourced from external suppliers.
Customer Service:
  • Customer Service essentially means that we go above and beyond to meet the customers’ expectations or requirements.
Customer Care:
  • Customer care means how well customers are taken care of while they interact with the brand / company / employees.
Sales Targets:
  • You are responsible to meet the sales targets / budgets that are set for the store. Daily Targets should be set and then measured as the month progresses to determine how far ahead / behind the store is in achieving the requirement. If behind, then some innovative thinking may be required to come up with ways to get on target again.
Selling Skills:
  • Add on Sales – In every sale, there is an opportunity to add on to the sale.
  • Complementary products to the product being bought.
  • Up-Sell - This skill is getting a customer to purchase an item that is more expensive than the product that the customer was originally looking at purchasing. This is done by promoting the features, advantages, and benefits of the more expensive item.
  • Another skill is to assess when it is appropriate to do the above.
Merchandising and Display:
  • This is a key factor in attracting customers into the retail store.
  • Whilst the marketing material, etc. will be produced at Head Office, there are certain responsibilities that are required from you:
  • To ensure that all marketing material is displayed properly in the store.
  • To ensure that the marketing material is kept in good presentable shape.
  • To ensure that when a particular promotion / sale has ended that the marketing material is taken down and packed away safely so that it can be used again in the future.
  • To ensure that the day-to-day signage / stands are used properly.
Shopping Centre Marketing:
  • To look for potential marketing opportunities within the shopping centre.
  • To engage with the shopping centre marketing team to understand what their marketing plans are for a given month.
Administration Duties:
  • Cash ups.
  • New stock codes and descriptions.
  • Costs and Retail Pricing.
  • Stock receipts.
  • It is important to ensure that the correct barcode is put on the items so that we do not have issues that will result in items that are sold at incorrect pricing.
  • Ensure that the sales for the items on consignment are sent either on a weekly or monthly basis dependent on the requirement.
Safety and Security:
  • The centre management will have identified and put in place certain safety and security requirements, which must be adhered to.
  • The Occupational and Safety Act regulation must be adhered to as well.
  • It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that the stock and assets of the shop are always kept safe and secure.
Asset Protection and Security:
  • It is the function of the manager to ensure that all assets of the Retail Store are looked after and always protected. Therefore, you need to be diligent in making sure that theft, either from the outside or from the staff on the inside, does not take place.
  • All the points mentioned above needs to be managed daily. It is the responsibility of the Manager to ensure that this is happening, by being aware of, identifying what needs to be done and then ensuring it is carried out either by giving instructions to the staff or doing it yourself or with the staff.
Please note should you not receive a response within two weeks of applying you may assume that your application was unsuccessful.

This position has expired


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