We promised and now we are delivering!

For so long we have been talking about doing more than just our job. We want to go the extra mile and help you as much as possible!

Working with applicants everyday we know how stressful it can be searching for a job, not knowing the best layout for your CV or how and what to prepare for an interview.

And even with our clients, the employers, you are uncertain about what exactly you need to look for, how to create a great job spec or what interview questions will give you the right answers.

So, we have finally taken the leap and we will be sharing more and more resources and tips for both the employers and job seekers.

Below are free resources just for you! Click any one of them to download or use. 

• 9 Ways to Keep Employees Happy.

• How to work from Home

• How the recruitment process works

• 37 Interview Questions you should ask

• Who to pick as a reference 

• What to have ready when job hunting

• First day of new job-101

• How to Ace your Video Interview

• All about CI/CD pipeline

• CV Templates:

- CV 1 - Black & White Design

- CV 2 - Corporate Design

- CV 3 - Abstract Design

- CV 4 - Neutral Design

- CV 5 - Striped Design (one pager)

- CV 6 - Minimalist Design (one pager)