Our Services

Headhunters’ Clients enjoy a comprehensive range of professional services that include:

  • Understanding of Clients’ Needs - Clarification of Job Specification and insight into company culture.
  • Access to a growing database of quality candidates.
  • Advertising – On various platforms, as well as specialized advertising campaigns.
  • Comprehensive screening of candidates – Including a stringent interview process and reference checking.
  • Professional presentation of the shortlisted candidates’ CV’s – Including interview notes.
  • Criminal Checks and Credit Checks - Should the results thereof affect Key Performance Areas.
  • Liaison between clients and candidates - To arrange meetings, present Letters of Appointment, and negotiate.
  • Regretting of all unsuccessful candidates.
  • Confirm resignation and mentor candidates throughout the process.
  • Headhunting Services – Seeking and approaching candidates who are not actively in the job market.
  • Qualification Checks, Driver’s License Verification, Social Media Checks, Personal Profile Analysis – Upon client request (considered as additional services).

No fee is charged by Headhunters, until our client has successfully appointed a candidate and the candidate commences employment.

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