How to ace your Video Interview

By Headhunters

Let’s get straight to it. Since last year EVERYTHING has changed. All of us had to make changes to make sure that we fit into the “new normal”.

As a recruitment company, one of our main tasks is to have candidate interviews. And yes, sure, now and then we had an online interview if a candidate couldn’t come to our offices, but mostly our offices were buzzing with people coming in and interviews happening throughout the day.

Now, well… Things are quite different.

We love people and we are a people-orientated company, and we miss candidates coming in all the time. Our consultants love meeting and getting to know all the candidates.

But, boy oh boy, wouldn’t we be shocked if an applicant came in for an interview wearing their pajamas. So, doesn’t the same go for an online interview?

We have had the weirdest interactions with some candidates, and we truly believe it’s just because they don’t know the basics to prepare and set up for a video interview.

And that’s where we come in! We thought, why not share our consultant’s top tips on how to make sure you ace your video interview.

Here we go;

Check Your Connection
This is super important and you need to do this well before the interview, so you do not need to stress about it just before or during your interview.
If your internet is sort of slow and pages take quite a while to load, that should be a red flag for a possible unstable connection.

No need to be a tech genius, you can check your connection on speedtest. So click on this link

If you know you have trouble with a stable connection, rather find a space beforehand where you can do the interview.

Test your cameraWerther you use your Laptops Camera or a Webcam, make sure the quality is good.
While you are checking the image quality make sure the space where you sit has good lighting so your camera can see you clearly.

There is nothing stranger than talking to a shadowy figure. It’s sort of creepy.

Anyway, this is really easy to test beforehand so make sure you take 5 minutes and make sure you are set up in an area with ideal lighting.

Have A Professional Background
Before we start with your background...
Know - in an interview, your camera should ALWAYS be on, unless the interviewer requests otherwise.
And no, an appropriate background is not your unmade bed, no matter how pretty your throw pillows are.
We know you will probably be having this interview from home but make an effort.
Create a small office space somewhere or sit at your dining table with a neutral wall or some nice artwork or photos in the background.
If you feel like a virtual background might be better, take a look at this article on ZOOM's website on how to set it up.

And also, please use an office/ workspace background and not some tropical destination.

Dress Professionally
You never know, you might have to stand up and the last thing you want is to be in your sweatpants.
Pick an outfit the day before that you feel good in and have it ready so you don't feel rushed.

Do Your Research
Prepare like you would for any job interview.
Research the company, what they stand for and where your position might fit into the bigger picture. Be prepared to answer general questions with regards to the company.
Know your answers to the general interview questions: Your strengths/ weaknesses, Why they should choose you, Why you left your previous job etc.

Make Eye Contact
And lastly, make eye contact. As your camera will be on, look at the interviewer. Don't stare outside, look around the room or check something on your phone.

Be focused and present, like you would be in an in-person interview.
Remember, they also wished they could do it in person.
So make an effort to connect, and remember...SMILE!

Did this help? If you feel some of these are quite obvious, well, we don’t disagree, but still, sometimes people forget.

So, why not download our free resource and whenever you have an interview coming up, take a quick glance to make sure you are properly prepared.
Click here.

That’s it for now, but be sure to keep an eye out for any other resources coming soon or new blog uploads, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for vacancy updates, tips and advice.

Talk soon,
Headhunters Team